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1.Mark location of post on beam [a] and platform [b]; then measure each post height from beam to platform [c].
Attach Quick-Mount plinth to post bottom [j], erect post, and drive into position under beam and onto plinth anchoring screw [k]. Drill holes for attaching post to beam, then caulk [l]* before securing with screws.

Cut to length [d] minus space for Quick-Mount™ plastic plinth, elevated bracket, or aluminum plinth on bottom of post. Paint all six surfaces (sides, top end, and bottom end) with at least two coats of high-quality oil-base or acrylic-latex exterior primer [e].* After priming, seal both bottom and top with silicon or exterior-grade caulk [f].*
  Fill all holes with exterior wood putty and
immediately paint all surfaces with a topcoat of oil-base or acrylic-latex paint.*

Drill platform for Quick-Mount plinth anchoring screw [g]. Drive screw to proper depth [h]. Test connection before attaching to post [i]. If using an elevated bracket or aluminum plinth, follow manufacturer’s anchoring instructions.
  Cut rail and balusters to length and prime all sides. Seal ends with silicon or exterior-grade caulk.* If attaching rail with L-brackets, remember that all holes drilled into the post should be caulked* before placing screws, and any areas that are chiseled for the brackets should be primed* before attaching.